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      Guangdong Kangtai Enterprise Group

      Headquarters Address: Guangzhou CONRAD Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
      Address: High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Guangzhou Science City, Eagle Rock Road, No. 8, Cliff
      Postal Code: 510663 Tel :020 -32,290,339,32290490,32290323-263
      Sales Line :020-32290336, 32290893 E-mail:


      Subordinate enterprises and offices Contact:

      Feed Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou and animal husbandry,
      Address: Dasha Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, the Hengsha the village Feifeng Shandong side plant
      Business Scope: research, development, production and sale of additive premix and feed additives
      Tel (Fax): (020) 82396810

      The Huizhou City Hit grain Feed Co., Ltd.
      Address: Huizhou Jiangbei District No. 13 Wenhua Road
      Business: chickens, ducks, pigs, fish, four series of the full price of feed, concentrate, premix, corn, soybean meal, the original powder of various feed ingredients and feed additives
      Tel: (0752) 2802955
      Sales Direct Line: (0752) 2802574
      Fax: (0752) 0752-2802721,2807861

      Huizhou City wins Flour Co., Ltd.
      Address: Huizhou Jiangbei New Mandarin Road
      Tel (Fax): (0752) 2806588

      Guangzhou CONRAD Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Boluo modern agriculture branch
      Address: Boluo Baimang the tree farms dragon Hill Farm
      Person in charge: CAI Cheng
      Business Scope: three yellow beard chicken breeding and sale of the brand: "tree chicken"
      Tel (Fax): (0752) 6350577

      Guangxi Office
      Tel: (0771) 3143783 13977130765

      The Fujian changtai Office
      Tel: 13850576601 Fax :0596-2627396

      CITIES dealer

      Shanghai: (021) 37810531
      Wuhan: (027) 84220866
      Zhengzhou: (0371) 5691243
      Heilongjiang regional distributors: Harbin the City Tempo feed veterinary drugs Distribution Division Tel: (0451) 55112068
      Address:, Xiangfang District Gongbin, Harbin City, No. 126 East pesticide and veterinary drug market 5 on the 18th